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A documentary by Nadja Tenge
and Sally Jaber

Our documentary Ahawah - Children of August Street has been selected for the 21. Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Potsdam 2015.


World premiere on Tuesday, 19. May 2015 at 8 pm in cinema Babylon in Berlin.


In the context of:


21. Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Potsdam 2015 from 10.-20. May 2015

50 years Germany-Israel relations


A short welcoming speech at the beginning of the event will be held by Ursula Schmidt, the vice president of the German Bundestag.


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With the documentary ‘Ahawah – Children of August Street’, the filmmakers Nadja Tenge and Sally Jaber present their debut film.

Together they realised various multimedia theatre projects in recent years, which thematically revolved around the fate of Jewish survival children during the Nazi period and children in violent conflicts. The idea of making a documentary together was born.


Nadja Tenge, born in 1970, completed her acting studies at the Berlin School of Drama. Since 1995 Nadja Tenge has worked as a freelance actress, director and voice over artist. Since 2002 she designed and realized documentary theatre projects that set the focus on human rights issues. She continually makes use of historical themes and explores the significance of the past for the present.


Sally Jaber, born in 1982 in Baghdad, studied performance art at the Academy of Performing Arts Maastricht (NL) and Communication & Multimedia Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (NL). In 2008-2009 she continued developing her skills at the artists' residency in Groningen, where she staged her first professional performance at the Grand Theatre, and was engaged as an actress with the Noord Nederlands Toneel and Peer group. Since 2009 she lives and works in Berlin and works as a freelance actress, performance, video and installation artist, voice over artist and singer.



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